New Products

Zero Clearance Unions

RBTS has developed several zero clearance unions (Patents 6682102B1 & 6913291B1) for the encasement hose. Zero clearance unions allows connection of the primary hoses prior to connection of the secondary hoses. This provides capabilities for unlimited transfer line lengths. Zero clearance unions are also used to connect HIHTLs to equipment where there is no access to primary connections in containment.

Toshiba Exif JPEG

Zero clearance union (Threaded Union)

Power/Instrumentation Feed Through

RBTS has developed a fitting to allow penetration of the secondary encasement for power and/or instrumentation. This fitting can be used on long multi-section transfer lines when the primary hose must be heat traced or when intermediate leak detection is required.

HIHTL Concrete Shielding

RBTS can provide custom built concrete structures to provide radiation shielding and/or protection from vehicles/equipment.


Concrete Shielding

Intelligent Hose (iHose)