HIHTL Descriptions

A Hose In Hose Transfer Line (HIHTL) is comprised of a primary hose within a secondary encasement hose. Primary and secondary hoses have a wide range of end connections and hose materials available. A wide selection of hose sizes are also available to meet specific pumping system requirements. Secondary encasements of up to 8-inch diameter are available. Heat trace and insulation are also available for freeze protection and/or to maintain process temperature.

Typical HIHTL Hose Specifications

Typical HIHTL Construction

End Fittings

RBTS can accommodate a wide range of fitting styles and pipe combinations. We have developed several zero clearance unions (Patents 6682102B1 & 6913291B1) for the encasement hose, allowing the connection of the primary hose in zero clearance and confined areas.

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Typical Zero Clearance Union Connection

How Zero Clearance Unions Work

Hose Composition

The hose tube can be fabricated from EPDM, UHMWPE, LDPE or many other materials. Optimum materials are selected depending on the fluid constituents.